i'm a c5-c6 incomplete (1999) with horrible nuerological hand and neck pain. i've been on nuerontin 300mg 3x a day and 2 at night, oxycontin 40mg 3x a day, m-oxy 5mg up to 3 pills per day for breakthrough pain if needed, vioxx 25mg 1 a day, ditrpan xl 5mg 1 per day, premarin 0.625 mg 1 a day, and now pain doc wants me to take topomax 25mg start with 1 a day then go to 2 after a week, and nortriptyline 10 mg 1-2 at night(this gave me pin prick feelings in my hands and up my arms and my heart raced)...IS THIS TOO MUCH? doc wants to take me off oxycontin next month. what else is there out there besides oxycontin? i'm really sick of pain...what should i do? thanks