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Thread: Can't take the pain any with suggestions

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    Can't take the pain any with suggestions

    Member posted Feb 17, 2002 09:54 PM
    It has been 2 years since my accident C-4 C-5. Does anyone else take medication for pain? I have moderate neck pain 1 screw backed out a little though has not moved in a year, I figure having 4 plates and 8 screws holding my neck together 1 moving is not that bad, extreme sensitivity on my right arm (hurts to touch) and discomfort in my hand due to tone.
    Originally I was given Percocet for the pain, though my Dr wrote for Loratab after 6 months. Loratab just does not reduce the pain so I let my Doctor know and she said take Celebrex with the Loritab? That made no difference.

    Am I wrong to ask for pain meds?

    Should I see a different Doctor, one of those pain specialist?

    Should I not have this pain? And when should it end?

    I feel like a criminal even asking for pain meds (sad isn't it)

    I also use the Catapress patch #2 and take Bachlophen.

    Thanks for any info

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    i just started taking neurontin and i am having wonderful results. hopefully your doctor is familiar with sci and understands sci pain. i use my rehab doctor for pain management because he knows so much about sci. it's really a doctors call when it comes to meds. good luck, i hope you find relief soon.

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    pain meds

    i too was made to feel as if i was a drug addict..especially from my rehab doc's nurse..finally after 2 years of practically begging for meds, my rehab doc sent me to a pain specialist...what i did not know is that some regular docs are not authorized to give narcotics after a certain amount of time..i.e 2 years in my case..the pain doc is authorized..although i now need to research more because she wants to keep tweeking my meds and each time she does i suffer beyond belief. i now am going to go back to my nuerosurgeon and see if maybe it's related to all the metal inside me....good are NOT alone

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