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Thread: Quad friendly vehicle battery charger?

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    Quad friendly vehicle battery charger?

    One of my biggest gripes with the 2 conversion vans i've adapted to drive is the constant draw on 12 volt batteries, i have dual batteries in both, yet i have to replace one of em every spring only to have it die the following winter when i drive it much less. While Ford usually eats the cost under the warranty, the inconvenience in the winter sucks. Without the use of the battery the lift doesn't work for me to get in to start it though an AB can still hop up in there and the van starts right up. I have a remote starter but it doesn't work with a dead battery. Frustrating.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? Your solution?

    If anyone's ever had to call a towtruck for a jumpstart, you've prolly seen the cables they use just plugs into a recepticle in their front grill. Can something like this be adapted for my van where during the winter when not in use i could quickly attach and detach a trickle charger?



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    I had a trickle-charger installed on my van, so that during low-use times the battery is getting constant juice and won't die. The plug comes out from the grill and attaches to an extension cord from an electrical outlet. Cheap and easy.

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    Maybe get better batteries, such as Optima YellowTops.

    info here

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    Found these high dollar connectors:

    As an old bike rider, I always used one of these. It has a permanent mount connector(you'd have to splice on bigger mounts)

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    The Battery Tender looks promising, thanks for the link.


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    you need deep cyle batteries and you gotta disconnect them if yer van is sitting more than a couple days. use a racing style battery kill switch w/ key.

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