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Thread: Which Migraine Drug Comes Out on Top

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    Which Migraine Drug Comes Out on Top

    Which Migraine Drug Comes Out on Top

    New Study Helps Headaches Sufferers Find the Right Drug By Michael Smith , MD

    WebMD Medical News
    Nov. 15, 2001 -- A group of drugs called "triptans" have changed the world of migraine treatment. And now new research can help you figure out which one is most likely to do the trick for you.

    The first triptan -- so called because the chemical names of the drugs all end in "triptan" -- to hit the market was Imitrex, and since then five others have emerged. But which one works the best?

    Researchers from centers around the world, including Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, gathered results from 53 studies of over 24,000 people and compared six different triptans.

    Since Imitrex is the most widely prescribed triptan, the researchers compared results of the other drugs against Imitrex.

    They looked at the following to determine how well the drugs work for migraines:

    Pain relief two hours after taking the drug
    Pain relief without recurrence up to 24 hours after taking the drug
    Pain relief in more than one migraine attack

    Although the researchers found that at recommended doses, all triptans taken by mouth worked and were well-tolerated, three of the drugs came out on top with the highest likelihood of consistent success.

    Axert 12.5 mg
    Maxalt 10 mg
    Relpax 80 mg

    Study leader Michel Ferrari says that these results will help people suffering from migraines choose the drug that works best for them. In addition, he says in a news release, when one triptan fails to relieve your migraines, a different triptan may succeed.

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    Aren't triptans supposed to place you at very high risk for stroke?

    How can that be "effective." Treatment that cures the pain in the here and now but which may traumatically shorten your life or well-being...egads.

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    Do you have a spinal cord injury?? Can't tell from your profile. Curious about why you are posting on threads that are 12 years old?????


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