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Thread: How many SCIs have pain?

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    my butt burns everyday, all day

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    i wish some one wise would HELP me with my MRI ?'s...please????

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurlinpain View Post
    i wish some one wise would HELP me with my MRI ?'s...please????
    You need interpretation of your MRI report?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post
    You need interpretation of your MRI report?

    Here, and a bunch of dupliciate posts that were removed:


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    lower back and butt is in pain all the time, some days i can tolerate it some days i cant, never took any pain relievers.
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    I've always have had pain in side since Oct,07 when I had spinal stroke at T 10
    Nerotin and vicodine help a little

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    I have hypersensitivity on my feet and my ass it seems I can't sit longer for 3 mins without it hurting. I use to have it all over my arms as well but I stopped taking my nerve pain medicine and it actually went from intense pain to just intense itching which is fine with me.
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    I am a T5 complete severe of the spinal cord. Even though I am paralyzed and have no feeling below my injury level, I always feel as though I have been doused with gas and set on fire. I also have areas where I feel like I have electrical currents zapping my spinal cord at my injury level. I wear a fentanyl patch that I change every three days and take Lyrica too. I am coming upon my 6th anniversary and am finding the pain has been getting worse as time goes on. Maybe it's due to aging. Although I am not suicidal, my heart goes out to gurlinpain. I totally understand how pain can get so intense that it brings tears to the eyes. I hope you are able to find a doctor who will listen to you and try to help you with your pain issues. Life can still be good - keep in mind, you have a daughter who needs her mother!! Hang in there!!!

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    For nearly 30 years i've lived with Chronic Pain on avg level 7 - 8 every day
    My Body feels like it's on fire and I have no feeling from my neck down and 1/2 my face But I do whatever it takes like A good Rest Nap to Forget about the pain for a while .
    PPl get mad @ me for taking power naps but this is my way I deal with my levels of intense pain as a Quad
    No 2 injuries are identical / they can be similar but I've never met someone like me in Reality.
    All pain meds do is make me sluggish then more lazy so my approach to it is work through these pain episodes Drink lots of water and Deal with it the best I can .
    This is why I am a major overcompulsive overacheiver . Push myself to the limits
    My mind is always going 1,000 mph
    Who knows !!!

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