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Thread: Amputee Stump Pain Quite Different From Phantom Pain

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    I am about to go on-line and print out everything I can find on phantom pain & give it to my pain specialist. He doesn't understand. I am his second patient that had to have their leg amputated. His first never had a problem...lucky butt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck_Nastier View Post
    I can't even get my Doctors to acknowledge that phantom pain exists,
    much less find a solution for it. Maybe I should present them with this
    If they don't know about phantom pain, perhaps you should bring them up to speed with the work of S. Weir Mitchell, the Civil War doctor who recognized it in his patients back in the 1800s after losing limbs to cannon balls.

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    Have you looked into Tramadol (Ultram)? My mother uses it for her amputated right leg, and it seems to work pretty well. She take 3-4 per day (50mg). I'm still searching for a better solution to her pain though.

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    hey Y'all.
    Aussie Dis articulated leg amputee for almost 26 years and have had almost constant phantom pain which I seem (luckily) to have been able to almost shelve, it would seem until that is, when somebody actually asks me do I get said pain where I can tell them That I can locate all my toes , my whole foot, my calf right up to my knee which is bent as I write directly under my chair. It talks to me all the time but doesn't yell like some of you poor people. The reason I am on here tonight is that I increasingly am getting the other stump pain, Which might be described as "jumpy stump" and that is how I found you guys. After looking for a while I typed jumpy into the engine and bingo! Thankfully this has only plagued me on odd occasions over the years, but the gaps are getting less and less brought on at times by the merest movement in a chair etc. I have taken some seriously heavy duty pain relief over the years but nothing short of a sledge hammer touches it. The pain I describe as like being subjected to a substantial electric shock approx every thirty seconds. The longest stretch being for approx 48 hrs which completely precludes sleep for the duration, with quite a few after shocks to follow. Really does your head in after a while. I find physical manipulation can help around the lower spine,and only by the right person! ( thanks god she lives only forty minutes away) because it is without a doubt in my mind 1 or 2 errant nerve endings somewhere between my lower back and my stump that are responsible. I have read That Lyrica has been used by some, without success but this was prescribed for me as a trial a few years ago, it is the only thing ( medicinally) that comes close to relief but it takes quite a while to kick in. I was wondering does anybody else's pain fit this description? And is there potential for a procedure to deaden or tie these nerves off or something?

    Warmest regards

    T Pod
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