It's bad enough that spinal cord injury screws up our bowels, but pain meds make matters even worse, I'm on an every third day bowel program that has always required some digital stim by my caregiver to clean me out, even when I wasn't on any pain meds. When I'm on pain meds, as we're trying now, everything must be digitally stimulated.

I take senokot every day, and two plus a dulcolax the night before "Fun Day." I take Citrucel daily. I drink prune juice, and eat a tablespoon of prune-fig paste daily. I take stool softeners. I eat raisin bran. Nothing makes things go by themselves - the magic bullet melts, and nothing happens. What can I add to my med regimen to make the bowels move? I have to keep trying pain meds until we find something that works, and any pain med that works will cause constipation that I need to overcome.