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Thread: Time Frame

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    Time Frame

    I have been on neurontin for over a month and am having minimal improvement with the pain. My dose was increased yesterday. Is there a time frame for pain relief and a therapeutic dose?

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    From anecdotal reports from people who have taken the drug, depending on the dose, it generally has initial beneficial effects within a few days but the effects diminish over several weeks and the dose must then be increased. Several clinical trials of neurontin have pushed the dose to 2500 or even 3500 mg per day. The initial dose can be up to 1000 mg per day. Wise.

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    The dose would explain my lack of response...I am just now at 600mg a day. Is the dosage weight related? Will it help with the pain after the decompressions?

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    Dosage and ramping

    At our center we never start at more than 300 mg. daily due to common complaints of sedation when first starting.

    We initially will use 300 mg. at bedtime for 3-5 days, then increase the dosage by 300 mg. daily (in divided doses) every 3-5 days. 600 mg. is a very low dose to be on if you are still not having any results after a month.

    We frequently find that you must get to at least 1200-1800 mg. daily before noticing any change, and often people need to take as much as 4500 mg. daily for good control.

    I would talk to your physician about trying a similar regimen.

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    Idiosyncric Reaction

    I had an unusual reaction to the caused me to become toxic on another one of my medications. I had been telling the doctors that I felt dizzy and overly sedated, turned out that my phenobarbital level jumped 23 points when I began the neurontin. The doctor is now trying to find something that will work on neurogenic pain but not cause complications from the phenobarbital. Neurontin was to have been this magic drug but it didn't happen. Anyone know of other drugs that help this type of pain but are secreted by the kidneys instead of the liver.

    The treatment is for a triple crush injury to my right arm, I was assaulted, fell and crushed the brachial plexus, ulnar, medial, radial nerves and tore a thumb extensor. Surgery was not as successful as hoped for. I had been an ambulatory incomplete until this, now I am sidelined. Can't walk and can't use my chair(no way to push). Pain relief would go along way these days....I am almost 6 months post assault and do not like having to be more dependent.

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    What is approx. Cost of Neurontin?

    lets' say someone on 1200-1800-mg a day(as KLD has pointed out) as an example. Could someone give me a cost factor for a month supply. Also cost factor for someone as high as 2500-3500 and the monthly cost factor.


    John/ Chicago

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    Cost of Neurontin


    My health benefits allow me to use mailorder and at a fixed cost of $20-30 for 3 mos supply of Brand name drugs $12 for generics. Neurontin is a brand name and is not yet available as a generic.
    I have been told that it would be 2-3 hundred a mos without the mailorder. If you need to try it, you probably should ask the manufacturer (Pfizer) to supply it at cost as a compassionate need. I dont know that they would but it wont hurt to ask?

    Best wishes

    Joe B

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    $$$$ of Neurontin

    We have found it to range between $700-$900 a month. Target has had the best price. The 400mg work out to be less expensive than the 300mg. If cost is a concern check out They list pharmaseutical companies that have a patient assistance plan and what meds are on the list. Neurontin is one and it allows for a higher income than most....the maker has 2 different plans for neurontin because the cost is so high.

    Joe, where in MD do you get your meds? In North MD the price is higher than Montgomery Co.

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    hi b, i need to finish my email to you (i am such a putz)

    i'm taking over 3000 mg/day of neurontin, but i don't really know if it has helped my pain. no doctor can seem to decide if my pain is just physical or neuropathic/physical, so they don't know if it should be helping anyway.

    i saw a new wheelchair guy this past week and he concluded that i have the wrong size chair AND the wrong cushion, so i'm hoping that the new demo chair he's getting for me to try will help with the pain. i don't think it will get rid of all of it by any means, but i will be overjoyed with any little decrease in pain. it's been 2 years too long since i was at all comfortable

    i hope your arm is doing better since our last email. kick some a$$ in therapy (and good luck with that job interview) catch you later, melissa

    Life is a lesson you learn when you're through.

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    wow, this was an old i'm a putz even here.

    Life is a lesson you learn when you're through.

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