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Thread: Stop taking Neurontin?

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    Yes Martha, I have heard of those effects from Neurontin. You really ought to look at the drug information from Pfizer about Neurontin.

    The information "sheet" is 19 pages long, and the information on adverse effects is most of the way back. I remember that the adverse effects on the nervous system is listed on page 15, so the rest of the effects probably start a page or two before that.

    I hope this information helps.

    David Berg

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    David, thanks for the link. Reading that is enough to scare a person from taking the drug at all. Is there anything else you're familiar with that works as well but has a few thousand fewer side effects?

    By the way, congratulations to your family on the impending new addition.


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    Neurontin hardly stands alone in having a long list of scary possible side effects. I didn't post the link to scare you off of the drug, but only to help you see what might be possible. If you take a look at other drugs and their effects, you'll see that a long list of possible adverse effects is not uncommon.

    As far as other drugs that help without as many side effects, the short answer is, no, I don't. The better answer is that everyone is different, but Neurontin seems to help more people across the board than most other stuff on the market. I continue to advocate for additional pain research to help develop a new treatment. There are some exciting discoveries over the last couple of years, but the solution is not just around the corner. We just need to provide the funding to make sure that the research keeps making progress.

    David Berg

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    Was given this to relieve a "crushing" pain in my lower back after T10/11 disk surgery. Dr. prescribed 2 a day and I turned into a zombie. Finally got relief at 1/2 a pill a day without the side effects. A cure came with three accupuncture treatments; I then went off Neurontin for good.

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    I have taken Oxcontin,MScontin & Diladid for a few years now til I have my surgical pain pump installed this spring.I am still using Dilaudid for breakthru & to top off pain til I am able to find the right amnt of relief from pump.Also used neurontin for some time as well.For the last couple years I have had increased eye probs,weakness,severe memory probs, list goes on & on.I take 1 Senocot S every nite to combat constipation & keep things moving.when I had the severe nerve damage,I have had probs w/ bladder,bowel,& menstral probs ever since & doubt will ever get them bk completely!Sometimes I think I am losing my mind w/ memory loss,& complications suffered over last 10 yrs dealing with pain issues,different drugs & such high dosages.God only knows what the long term effects has on our systems! I think depression,frustration ,anger & resentment come naturally to those of us fighting the battle of pain issues

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    Wow David,

    Thanks for posting this! I haven't read every post but I also swear Neurontin caused some burning, parathesias, etc. I NEVER had this UNTIL I took Neurontin. I was on it for about 3 years and started off with 300mg and could barely tolerate the SE's. My Neurologist had to keep taking me down, down, down until I was at 50mg and I STILL couldn't handle it. I kept telling anyone who would listen that it caused an INCREASE in the burning sensations. But most people thought I was nuts because it is supposed to help with it. Well, anyway, I stopped it a long time ago and NEVER want to go back to it. And I agree, that's not to say that it doesn't help alot of people. But I was always amazed at the doses people can take and do just fine. So, I thank you for finding more info. on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Berg
    Has anyone here ever used Neurontin (for pain or any other reason), but decided to stop taking it because of side effects? I'd like to hear about side-effects that made anyone decide to quit using Neurontin.

    David Berg

    Yes I did, I was on 1400mg and I was so tired and felt like hell the whole day about 5 months after I was on it, I stopped, not cold turkey but I just weened myself off of it.

    Warning it is super painful, but soon the pain turned into extreme itching but now I only get itchy when its cold or I'm sick.
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    I was taking it 24 x 7 but kept falling asleep.
    Now I only take it in bed, to sleep better.

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    I was just researching this subject (again!) and found this site with a very comprehensive list of the side effects, many I experience. Note the first point that the drug is not metabolized by the body and must be eliminated solely through the kidneys, not a good thing for us.
    Neurontin is not metabolized by the body, i.e., it does not produce active or inactive metabolites. It is eliminated solely by renal excretion.

    Side effects: Drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue, muscle tremor, vision disturbances, indigestion, weight gain, mood changes, hallucinations, decreased kidney function in over 60s, diarrhea, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, peripheral oedema (1), anxiety, abnormal gait, amnesia, nystagmus (2), asthenia (3), parathesia (4), abnormal thinking, emotional lability (5), hyperkinesia (6), infections (urinary and upper respiratory tract), dysarthria (7), arthralgia (8), diplopia (9), amblyopia (10), constipation, flatulence, impotence, leucopenia (11), depression, psychosis, headache, pancreatitis, incontinence, alopecia (12), allergic reactions, rashes and angioedema (hives), chest pain, palpitations, movement disorders, thrombocytopenia (13), tinnitus (ringing in the ears), acute renal failure, purpura (14), changes in blood pressure, seizures, confusion, impairment of mental alertness, coordination problems, ataxia (15), coughing, rhinitis (16), pharyngitis (17), nervousness, myalgia (18), back pain, dental abnormalities, puritis (19), twitching, fever, abdominal pain, confusion, acne, vertigo, decreased or absent reflexes, hostility, variations in blood glucose level.
    Definitions from
    1) An excessive accumulation of serous fluid in tissue spaces or a body cavity.
    2) nystagmus: A rapid, involuntary, oscillatory motion of the eyeball.
    3) asthenia: Loss or lack of bodily strength; weakness; debility.
    4) parathesia: A tingling sensation felt in a part of the body numbed from lack of circulation.
    5) emotional lability: Open to change; adaptable: an emotionally labile person.
    6) hyperkinesia: An abnormal increase in muscular activity.
    7) dysarthria: Difficulty in articulating words, caused by impairment of the muscles used in speech.
    8) arthralgia: Neuralgic pain in a joint or joints.
    9) diplopia: A disorder characterized by double vision.
    10) amblyopia: Dimness of vision, especially when occurring in one eye without apparent physical defect or disease. Also called lazy eye.
    11) leucopenia: An abnormally low number of white blood cells in the circulating blood.
    12) alopecia: Loss of hair; baldness.(!!!)
    13) thrombocytopenia: An abnormal decrease in the number of platelets in circulatory blood.
    14) purpura: A condition characterized by hemorrhages in the skin and mucous membranes that result in the appearance of purplish spots or patches.
    15) ataxia: Loss of the ability to coordinate muscular movement.
    16) rhinitis: Inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes.
    17) pharyngitis: Sore throat; Any of various inflammations of the tonsils, pharynx, or larynx characterized by pain in swallowing.
    18) myalgia: Muscular pain or tenderness, especially when diffuse and nonspecific.
    19) puritis: Severe itching, often of undamaged skin.
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    I was on on neurontin for about 3 yrs or more & had a lot of these side effects! After switching to Dilaudid & MS Contin SR, I still continued to have some of these still today.Since my pump was installed & I am no longer recieving the drug thru bloodstream,kidneys etc,I still have the prolonged side effects after high drug dosages from the preceding 10 yrs! Whether these side effects ever recede is beyond me,they can sure reek hell w/ our lives,mental states,& ability to lead some kind of independant life.I miss my mind & memory the most!

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