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Thread: Welcome to the Pain Forum

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    Welcome to the Pain Forum

    My instincts have always been to integrate rather than to segregate. I was reluctant to segregate pain from other problems of spinal cord injury, such as spasticity, spasms, autonomic dysreflexia, bladder, and other problems that occur in spinal cord injury. However, it has become clear that pain deserves a forum of its own, where people can share their experiences and solutions. For people who have severe pain after spinal cord injury, pain dominates their lives. Discussions of pain do not fit comfortably in care, cure, or life forums. After David Berg posted his pain online site and I suggested that perhaps we could create a Pain Forum and he agreed that it would be a good idea, I decided to start a Pain Forum. It would provide a place for people who have pain to share their experiences, solutions, and advances in research. Although I have not asked him, I hope the David Berg would serve as a moderator for this forum and that he would use the Pain Forum as a discussion site for his web site as well. Please post your views and experiences with pain here in this forum. Thanks.


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    disappearing pain articles

    I was wondering what happened to all the pain articles. Thought I was going crazy for a minute lol!

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    Sorry, I should have left a message on the other forums. By the way, if people feel that the pain topics should not be separated, please say so. They can be moved back into the regular forums. Wise.

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    Pain and neurontin

    Dr Young, I am glad to see the addition of this new forum. Pain has been running me ragged for the last 3 months since I had the crush injury to my arm. I started 300 mg of neurontin 3 weeks ago and have been having problems with dizziness. I can't stand or sit up. Is this due to the fact that I take phenobarbital? I know that neurontin is secreted via the kidneys vs the liver like so many other meds. I am discourage because the dizziness is making it almost impossible to care for my kids. Is my answer simply to be patient?

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    Cheesecake, I don't know why you are getting dizzy from neurontin. It could be an interaction with phenobarbital. Are you taking 300 mg of neurontin 4 times a day or 300 mg per day? Can you describe the pain? I am sorry but I don't remember your level of injury but it is important to know whether this is above or below the level of injury. If it is above the level of injury, some other drugs may be better. When did you start taking phenobarbital, what is the dose, and is it for controlling seizures? Wise.

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