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    Dr. McHenry orignally started the site when he had two pre-med students to help with things like dictation and the web site itself. After the pre-med students graduated from college, his health prohibited him from maintaining the site or doing any more writing to speak of, except when he was able to find someone else to assist. At that point the site went off-line for a few years.

    At his request I took over everything regarding the site and took over the copyright for all of the articles. I worked with the material on the site for a couple of years, studying and working with the existing writing. made its official debut this past May. I've at least done a thorough edit of all pages from the previous site, and some were totally rewritten or compiled together. I've continued to add new pages to the site and to conduct additional study on central pain. Unfortunately, Dr. McHenry's health prevents him from taking an active part in the site, or anything else for that matter. It's a shame, since he has a talent and a unique perspective that would be so valuable if he were able to write and research on the subject.


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    I know tou don't want to here it. But please try the Neurontin.I take 3600mg Daily it really helped me. I know what your going trough.Pure agony. I hope I haven't upset you. I send this note with LOVE.

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    Dr McHenry

    When Dr McHenry put Painonline on the internet it was the first time I had seen anyone describe the pain I was having. It was such a strange relief to see that I wasn't alone with it and to have a name to put to the strange pain that had distorted my life. Too many medical people were unaware of this type of pain and here was a Dr who recognized it, described it, and was trying to do something about it.

    I know Dr McHenry suffers from this pain and I wish him as much relief as possible. I want him to know he made a big difference in my life. I exchanged only a few emails with him giving a description of the symptoms of my pain. But his replies were always kind and empathetic

    Joe B

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