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    i am so tired of this pain. tonight is really bad. i participated in a research project where i was told there are 3 kinds of neuropathic pain. somewhere in my notes i have it written down. but right now, i don't care. i don't care if what they said is right or wrong. they said i have all 3 kinds. all i know is, i am a single mom to 9 yr old. and he is suffering from this pain as much as i am.

    and i am so sorry for him. cause his mom cannot function like all the other moms he knows. it isn't the paralysis. it's the pain.

    no, i won't take 3000 mg of neurontin, on the off chance it will work. none of the rest of them did.

    i told my son, maybe some day you will grow up and stop people from this pain. people think paralysis is the worst thing. all i can say is, try this pain. paralysis won't seem so bad.

    well, thx for listening, if you got this far. i'm not looking for advice, certainly not recommendations on medication.

    i just felt like writing to take my mind off the pain for a few minutes.

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    Cass, I am so sorry to hear about your pain. The three categories are nociceptive pain, neuropathic pain above, and neuropathic below the injury site. I can understand your reluctance to take neurotin (gabapentin) although it should not have that serious side-effects, except that you need to ramp up and taper off the drug.

    I know that you do not want "advice" but let me offer one suggestion. You may want to consider taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) when the pain is bad. It does not need to be ramped up or tapered. This would be similar to the same way that a person would take the drug for a headache. Several people have told me that acetaminophen is effective for such situations.

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    You're definitely right about pain being worse than paralysis. Pain is the reason I have no life, and can't concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes at a time. Paralysis doesn't keep me from going out or doing things a person of my level should be able to do, but pain does.

    Dr. Young, isn't there a daily limit of how much acetaminophen can be taken, as it can cause liver damage at high levels?

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    alan, what do you do for the pain? for me, only alcohol has helped. which is also why i won't take tylenol. read the two should not be combined.

    i take only aspirin, but in the face of this pain, it's merely a placebo.

    dr. young, i will look up the info the researcher gave me on my pain. he wrote an article for new mobility a couple of years ago. right now, i can't think of his name and all my info is on my work computer. i believe he is a dr. himself, who suffered a surgical mishap, resulting in severe pain. he couldn't even stand clothes touching him. last i heard from him, i believe he was going blind as well.

    found the article, here it is

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    What do I do for the pain (other than wish I'd wake up dead?) What haven't I done? I had a laminectomy to search for a syrinx (there was none), I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted and its position revised three times before it was removed a year later, I've had epidural morphine and intrathecal baclofen test injections, I've been through numerous pain doctors and neurosurgeons, and tried dozens of different medications (either they caused intolerable side effects or the ones I could tolerate had no effect on the pains.)

    I wish I could give you some good advice, as that would mean I'd found relief, but I unfortunately can't. All I can do is empathize, and hope something develops for all central pain sufferers.

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    Alan, it is true that acetaminophen can cause liver damage but this is only after prolonged daily ingestion of large amounts of the drug, exceeding 100 mg/kg. Acetaminophen toxicity results from a free radical metabolic byproduct of the drug which, because the liver breaks down the drug and its metabolic byproducts are highest there, tends to damage the liver.

    The pain that you, Cass, and many others have is, in my opinion, must be one of the highest priorities of research. It is probably the major cause of suicide. Many studies have shown that pain is more disabling and a major drag on quality of life for the community. I believe that there has been much progress in research on pain and that some of this progress will soon be reflected in clinical trials of new therapies that will help. However, we can continue this thread perhaps in the Care or Cure section.

    Cass, I am sorry that I introduced a medical suggestion despite your indication that you did not want suggestions of this type.


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    so far...

    I don't know if I can empathize, because only we know what we are feeling...not doctors, or therapists, or anybody. But I do know that what I HAVE to do for pain is get cardiovascular exercise ... I don't know why, but it seems to help.

    Also, I used to suffer lots of lower back pain, but is was because of poor sitting posture. Dr. Kao corrected this with a small pillo when he evaluated me. In six months of therapy, nobody ever told me this.

    Eric Texley

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    don't apologize dr. young, for trying to help. i appreciate it.

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    Cass, have you seen a pain specialist? They can work wonders for some people. Others find massage highly effect and I understand calling it "soft tissue manipulation"may even get insurance to shell out for it. As a single Mom, please do not give your child the idea that alchohol is the key to pain. I know how hard this can be and Wise is correct, a good deal of SCI suicides are due to pain (yep, researching numbers again). But please try alternatives first. If asprin helps even a little have you tried the "super asprins" like DayPro?


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    I assume your intentions are good; however, I take offense at your assumption regarding my parenting skills.
    I have been injured over 15 years. Of course, I have seen pain specialists. Frankly, that is rather a ridiculous question to ask. I have heard every suggestion in the book and tried many of them. I was not asking for further advice, simply stating my frustration with having to live with this pain.

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