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Thread: Power Chair Accessible trails

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    Power Chair Accessible trails

    I want to make wheelchair accessible paths throughout my woods. Does anyone have advice on what type of material to use? I want around a half mile of trails... so cost is a big concern.


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    Hey hey Mur man

    How many,and what kind of trees are you talking about?...Contact a small private logging company or someone with a small mill,tell them what your interested in (in cluding removal of stumps)and see if it wont pay for itself with the timber.Hey ya never know,ive done it before from the logging end..If that doesnt work,im thinkin a chainsaw,skid steer,and someone up to the challenge..

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    How much grade will you be dealing with? What type of soil? How much rain do you get? There are a lot of factors that go into this. Is there a local horticultural school that might help out (as a student project) in designing and determining the proper materials?


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