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Thread: Using the bathroom in a plane

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    Using the bathroom in a plane

    I've done my fair share of travelling and I usually use the clausterphobic bathroom on planes when the flight is longer than two hours or so.

    I thought I'd share my method of transfering, just incase no one else has posted it before. Keep in mind, this is only ideal for someone who has a lot of upper body strength, so I'm guessing anyone who is a T6 or lower.

    First off, clarify with the stewardesses that you JUST need assistance to the bathroom and no help once you're in there. I love seeing the look of panic on some of these people's faces when they think of what a trip to the bathroom will entail.

    Get the stewardess to push the aislechair (which is pretty stripped down, so it can squeeze into pretty tight places) as close to the toilet as possible. Transfer onto the toilet with the toilet seat up. I know it's a gross concept, but just make sure it's a clean seat before you transfer. At this point, the stewardess can leave and you shut the door behind. Surprisingly, and this may be hard to believe, the tighter the space, the better, because you can actually push off the walls when you're pulling your pants back on.

    Once you've transfered onto the toilet seat, lean back, scooch forward, and work your pants down. Do your thing.

    The most complicated part is prolly getting your pants back up. This is a lil hard to explain, but I'll try my best. You want a good, solid surface to work on, instead of your pants hooking onto the toilet seat, or something falling into the basin. Lean the toilet cover (so the lid)on your back and do a lift,thrusting forward so that when you lift up, the seat will fall back down.) Fall back down on the toilet lid. Now you have a flat, covered seat to work on.

    Work your pants so that you can bunch as much of the material to the top of your legs, so you're not struggling to pull anything up. If you're lucky enough and you wear your jeans baggy enough, you can do the whole, one sided, inch-at-a-time method, where you pull one side up at a time. But, if you wear tighter fitting jeans, you'll only be able to do this till about your ass.

    If they are tighter, this is where you brace the wall. Hook your thumbs in the belt loops, brace your elbows against the sink, and the wall (hopefully there is something there to rest it on), lift, and upon coming down, pull up the pants.

    Once you're done, either unlock the door and open it, or knock, whatever method you've worked out with the stewardess. Usually, they are knocking by the time I'm done cuz it's been a while.

    It takes a while, and it's even harder when there is turbulence, but sometimes, you gotta go. If you're not comfortable with a bag, this is another way to do it.

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    Kiran, that's quite an ordeal...but congratulations for being able to do it! I've flown several times and insert a foley and wear a legbag myself. There's no way I could get into the plane crapper. I've never seen an aisle chair ON the plane during the flight.

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    Neither have I, smokey. Until they whip out this lil thing tucked behind the last seat of the first class that looks like a tv tray. It folds out to become an aisle chair. I was amazed the first time I saw it happen.

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    Kiran,,, you're truly amazing the way you can move/maneuver yourself in/out of your chair so efficiently. I really had to mess up and get myself into the C-4/5 club. But great for you,,,

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    I'm sorry I can't be more help for someone with a higher level of injury. Most of my friends with SCI are quads though, so I'll ask them if they have any tips and I'll post it here.

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    I still can't picture this method in my head. Do you have a video like shaun and jim with their transfers?


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    Hey Globe,,,, nahhh,,,no sorry's, I'm glad for you, we all just gotta be tough. I just find how you move yourself around so amazing. You remind me of my roomate in rehab; I was 18 he was 15, he was a low-''T'' since 10, he cud jump in/out of his chair like nothing,,,jump up onto high beds, counters. He helped me a ton, ''I was in a full halo for 9 mos'',,,if I was cold at night, he wud pop outta his bed and blast me w/ a blow dryer, throw blankets over me, feed me snacks, he was a gfood friend. Danggg,,,he cud stay on a wheelie Forever.

    Obviously, your strong and in great shape, the athlete/competitor in you helps you much,,,,,, hey you are ''Globe'',,,,lol.

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    I just insert an indwelling before I get on the plane and take it out once I reach my destination. Your method sounds like it would take a long time, but I am amazed that you are capable of doing this.

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