This is a site I found that can arrange any type of trips for folks who are disabled. It was a post on MAILPOUND.COM, and for folks who are planning on a trip to Asia in the future, you might want to check ECO-ADVENTURE INTERNATIONAL out. ACCESSIBLE TRAVEL
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Accessible Thailand

Welcome to Eco-Adventure International. We are an adventure travel company that has been providing quality small group travel experiences for many years. We specialize in travel to Africa and Asia. These exciting destinations provide us with an unbelievable number of opportunities for adventure. Whether it is wildlife viewing, photography, or interaction with the local peoples our trips are always full of wonder and excitement.

Until recently however theses experiences were inaccessible to persons with disabilities or mature adults. Government regulations, hotel and airline standards, etc. concerning persons with disabilities have not been up to the same level as found in the US. Because of this a whole group of people has been denied access to some of the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences on this planet.
That is until now.

We at Eco-Adventure International have made the commitment to change this situation. We now offer several programs that are especially suited to people with disabilities and mature adults. We have the equipment and the personnel in place and ready to go.

*Prices subject to government taxes/levies or prices beyond our control. Prices and programs are subject to change without notice. All prices quoted in US dollars. For booking information, liability waiver, and terms and conditions contact Eco-Adventure International, LLC. Airfare and air schedules subject to change without prior notice

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