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    hotel beds

    Every detail about Las Vegas seems to have been covered except the beds. I normally sleep on a foam mattress with a gel overlay at home. I'm pretty sure this is overkill but what the hell. I can go for eight hours at home with no problem. I don't expect to get nearly that in Vegas that's for sure. But I cannot imagine sleeping on a standard mattress. I am a C5 Quad by the way. What should I do?

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    I'm on my way there next week. Check out this info from the Mirage, where I'm staying.

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    The same also holds true for Treasure Island (owned by same company). The thing I didn't like about the (adjustable) beds is that they had a plastic sheet on them.


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    I´ve gotten excellent protection results (no pressure sores) by taking a portable gel pad with me when I travel. I´m a C-6/7, 6´1" and weigh 200 lbs. I have a 20"*20"*1" gel pad made by Action Products:

    I lay the pad under my hip when I´m sleeping on the side, or under my butt when I´m on my back. I´m pretty sensative and have problems with normal mattresses in the hip/backside area. It weighs about 10 pounds, so it stays in place and doesn´t wrinkle at all. The portability and quality in my opinion can´t be beat and with it I can travel worry free. I picked mine up from a healthcare store in Mineola on Long Island, and it cost less than $200. The website has under contact a telephone number you can call to find out who sells them in San Fran if your interested.

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    Regular "eggcrate" foam overlays are totally worthless for pressure reduction. This includes all the blue and green ones that are only 1-2" thick.

    I would recommend taking with you a good quality foam overlay such as the GeoMat (SpanAmerica) or Biogard AFT, or an air-filled pressure reducing overlay such as the Gaymar Softcare or the Crown Therapeutics Sofflex or Prodigy. Hospital beds are notoriously hard and unforgiving to skin. Of course an overlay will also make the bed higher, so this is a consideration depending on how you transfer. These all are easy to travel with as they pack down into a small box, and are lightweight (unlike gel). Remember that medical supplies you take on the plane are NOT covered by any excess baggage charges...just be sure they marked as such.


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