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Thread: Honeymoon suggestions! :-)

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    Thanks for all the info, everyone.

    Scaligirl, I know what you mean about wedding planning. I'm an artist, so I'm thinking of it as a creative challenge. Unfortunately, my mother is making the process a nightmare. But I did get a great bit of wedding planning news today. We want a guitarist to play classical guitar for the ceremony and then switch to jazz guitar for cocktails. I emailed someone I dated a few years ago and parted amicably with who is a music professor at a prestigious university here in NYC. He emailed me back today with the email addy and phone # of a grad student that the head of the jazz dept recommended! It's going to be so beautiful. I refuse to let my mother take the joy out of every detail!

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    We went to the beach for the first time last summer. We chose Gulf Shores, Alabama. The atmosphere was great, just before Labor Day at the end of the summer when kids were back in school, so we had the whole beach to ourselves.

    My husband is also a quad who primarily uses a motorized chair, but we packed his push chair too. The push chair was the only way to go at the beach (there were NO beach chairs available and we don't have his own). Even the push chair buried up in the sand and took FOREVER to push him to where he wanted to go (and he doesn't weigh much at all).

    We went to Daytona Beach in Florida over Easter in March and it was AWESOME! The sand is hard and you can drive your vehicle on it too, so the chair didn't have a problem at all. He drove all around it and never got stuck. It was great. But that's where the college crowd is during spring break, so there were people everywhere.

    We liked the seclusion of Gulf Shores, but the sand was definitely by far 100% better at Daytona. The more populated beaches (I know they have them in Myrtle Beach) have beach chairs (with huge tires) that are made to be more easily pushed over the soft sand. One of those would have made the Gulf Shores trip even more enjoyable but we couldn't find any in town.

    Congratulations on your engagement! and good luck with the planning (it can so quickly become a nightmare). Hope you both have a blast wherever you decide to go!

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