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Thread: "Murderball" Playing in NYC

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    "Murderball" Playing in NYC

    Hi All,
    I haven't seen this movie but heard it's getting great reviews..

    Murderball at Lincoln Center

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    I saw this movie last night in Portland and it was great. Its just not a good movie about quad rugby, but its also great in showing the life of someone in a wheelchair. Its really a good movie. I suggest seeing it.

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    This film won the Audience Choice Documentary Award at the Sundance Film Festival in Jan. Hopefully this will help it get some distribution, at least at the art theaters.


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    I can't wait to see this movie! Call me weird but I love a good documentary, especially if I can relate to the subjects of the film. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to wait til its on dvd. No release date yet but its already in my Netflix queue.

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    is it on dvd yet or will it be

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    Not yet, but have to assume it will be as it is listed on Netflix. You can reserve it there now (it is already in my queue), but it says "unknown" for the release date. They will try to get some commercial release in theaters before releasing on DVD.


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    maybe it's coming out in theaters... trailer was posted on today:

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    They have been playing the trailer at our local Landmark (art) theaters for the last two weeks, so I am guessing it will be out here by early July.


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    I believe Murderball won best film at Sundance this year.

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    It won the audience prize at Sundance and I believe it's coming out July 8th. I can't wait!

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