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Thread: Does everyone fly on their wheelchair cushion

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    Does everyone fly on their wheelchair cushion

    My husband is C5 taking first commercial flight post injury. Does he have to sit on his wheelchair cushion on the plane...7 hours in flight...2 with a layover and then 5 to Vegas...He says he will be sitting up 5 inches higher if we use his cushion...
    He is C5 and has little trunk control may have trouble doing weight shifts...I will be with him...Any ideas? Should weight shifts be every 30 minutes?

    am a little stressed...Thanks for the help.

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    I personally do not like to sit on my Roho when I fly. You are correct - it puts you higher and may lead to stability issues. However, I don't have any skin issues and I wiggle around a lot.

    Be aware that the higher elevation in Las Vegas may cause your husband's cushion to "inflate" somewhat, depending on your "home" elevation. I usually have to let out some air upon arrival. If you do this, be sure to add some air when you return home.

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    We recommend it. Have seen pressure ulcers from sitting on long airline flights without it. The best way to do weight shifts is a sideways lean...over onto you in one direction, over the armrest into the aisle the other way...hold for 15-30 seconds in each position.

    If using a Roho, you need to let air out when you come to altitude, then inflate again when you land. Be sure you know how to make the correct adjustments. Alternatively you may want to use a different cushion for flying that does not require this type of adjustment if you can get one.


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