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Thread: Marcel Williams still recovering from spinal cord injury

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    Marcel Williams still recovering from spinal cord injury

    Marcel Williams still recovering from spinal cord injury

    As hundreds of high school football players signed with the college of their choice on Wednesday, one talented player from Central High School had to watch from the sidelines.

    Marcel Williams suffered a spinal cord injury during a game last October. Some doctors thought he'd never walk again, but he proved them wrong. Now, he wants to prove even more. He tells Fox 41's Tonya Mosley, "I used to feel sorry and...ask God why did this happen to me...God works in mysterious ways."

    Last November, Marcel Williams was struggling to walk. Now, he's roaming the halls of Central High School, preparing for his big comeback. He's inspired by his good friend James McKinney, who invited Marcel on Wednesday to watch him sign with the University of Michigan.

    Marcel goes to rehab 5 days a week, and says, "Just doing football training when you are healthy is hard, and to get back to that level is going to be hard."

    Friends and teammates such as Rico Neal hope to play again with him one day. "He's doing ok," Neal says. "It makes me feel happy, hopefully make me feel good. He'll come out and play with me, hopefully."

    Marcel's coach, Steve Serotte, says he's just proud of what Williams has done so far: "Marcel now has a different purpose in life and that is not to play football, and made the most of it, and he will find his way in life."

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    what level injury?

    brave man going and risking all he's gained back...wish the best for him...

    i know you can't live your life in a bubble...but i think this is pushing the envelope...jmo

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