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Thread: Looking for WARMTH in Florida!

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    Looking for WARMTH in Florida!

    My wife and I are seriously considering moving down to Fl.....We currently live in southwest VA and just are seeking some warmth year round. We really want to be near the water and heard the Gulf side is really nice! We are going to spend the next two years vacationing down there(of course not the full two years..that would be nice though) My friend deadeye says ST PETE'S is nice!!!

    Would really love and appreciate your experiences, stories, etc.......!! We need to know where to visit. Thanks...I love this site man!!

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    Skindoggydog, face it.... Nobody in Florida is saying anything 'cause they don't want you coming down there peeing in the ocean! You're destined to spend the rest of your life down in cold-ass Radford! Unless, Shaun invites you up to the colds of Canada to spend some quiet-time in January! You might like that. You'd look good in those buttless britches

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    We went to Orange Beach (part of Gulf Shores, Alabama) just outside of Florida's Perdido Beach. We would really like to go back sometime--- now would be great before the weather here in Tennessee turns cold again

    We went the week before Labor Day and there was no traffic or crowds. It was great!

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    I don't know how warm it is there consistently in the winter. I spent 4 days in Tampa a couple of years ago in Feb. and it never got over 45 F, and rained the whole time!!!

    Have you considered AZ, NV or NM?


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    Hey Chris~ I have been to Florida four times for business/pleasure, my favorite area so far is St. Petes/Clearwater area. I love the white beaches, the blue ocean within this area. SWEEETTTT!
    My son stayed just out of the Daytona Beach area with his father about a year after his injury. I liked the area there about a 1/2 hour west from the ocean for the couple days I was there. He liked it alot, until the heat hit around May, with the humidity it was too much for the kid some days but he still would love to be a snowbird if it were possible.
    But the point of my reply was to say I hope you find a nice, safe and good place eventually. I know I am hoping to relocate either to Florida or Texas this year, winter is just too much now for me/kid up here in Minnesota!!! BRRR~

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    lmao @ Nobody in Florida is saying anything 'cause they don't want you coming down there peeing in the ocean! thats right deadeye,
    chris,,,anytime u have a question dont hesitate to call, ive lived here a long time and know most all areas of the state, kld is somewhat right about tampa,,,thats the cut off for subtropical temps, thats why the sarasota and south r the most popular spots to re-locate,,,the southwest part of florida is growing leap and bounds, the beaches r also much nicer down this way then st, pete, clearwater area,,also less crowded, good luck with your search!


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