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    Does anyone have experience with archery from a chair? My gf would has SCI and would like to get away from things like bowling and the like. I suggested archery, but we don't know much about it. I think she could do it though from her chair.

    Any suggestions as to how to get started?

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    Archery is one of the big events at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. You should be able to get more information about how to get into the sport from the PVA.

    You can also get more information here:

    Wheelchair Sports, USA

    American Wheelchair Archers
    Chuck Focht
    Road 2, Box 2043
    West Sunbury, PA 16061

    Wheelchair Archery Sports Section
    3595 E. Fountain Blvd. #L10
    Colorado Springs, CO 80910
    Phone: 719-574-1150

    United Foundation for Disabled Archers


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    Indy, being a C5-6 quad I shoot a cross bow but here are a couple of sites to check out also.


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    Thanks Deadeye! I will definitely forward those site to her. We always look for things that we can do together and this could be one of them. We've gone bowling, but that was a bit tough. Fishing worked out pretty well and it was nice being outdoors.

    We just look for things that we can do equally together. Things that I being AB won't have an advantage at. Unfortunately my sport passions are things like golf, hiking, softball, ect....

    One thing I think archery will do is strengthen her arms and shoulders. She uses them so much and I worry that they aren't being exercised correctly. I know you said you use a cross bow, but do you know others who use a long bow? How difficult is it for them being in a chair?

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    My 12 year old daughter, Heather, T-12 complete with limited right hand use from compartment syndrom started crossbow hunting this year. She only went on one hunt but absolutely loved it. She belongs to Wisconsin Adaptive Sportsman. They have quite a few 3-D bow shoots through out the year. Maybe you would be able to hook up with an organization like that to help you get started.

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    Indy, as I said, I only shoot a crossbow. No triceps makes it virtually impossible to shoot a compound or longbow. But I do know low quads and paras that shoot and the biggest obstacle is balance. Some strap them selves in using a high chest belt depending upon their level.

    Arm strength is going to be important although some compounds have tremendous let-off. I'd recommend that she start by strengthening herself using an exercise band or bungie cord in that shooting position. That will also tell her a lot about her balance abilities.

    Keep us posted!


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