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Thread: Vehicle lockdown for an IBOT?

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    Vehicle lockdown for an IBOT?

    Has anyone figured out how to lockdown a IBOT in a vehicles driver seat? I need a new wheelchair and truly want an IBOT but i've heard the manufacturer doesn't recommend modifying the IBOT to attach a EZ Lock.

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    an ibot rep last year said there are no known lockdown systems compatable with ibot and if there was they wouldn't reccomend driving from the ibot.

    personal ibot opinion: despite it's innovative design and excellent performance in a controlled enviornment, the ibot is way too fragile for real life use. also, despite the triple redundant systems, some ibots will fail while in 'standing' mode resulting in serious injury to the operator.

    'Those who would trade liberty for safety deserve neither.' - Benjamin Franklin

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    To my knowledge there is not a lockdown for the Ibot. MY best reccomendation is to transfer to a Braun style chair (chair turns aroun facing entry door to make an easy transfer possible)which may give more support.

    IMO it is also more comfortable driving from Braun seat. The extra effort is worth it.

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