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Thread: Found how to get rid of the SP odor

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    Found how to get rid of the SP odor

    Someone posted a note about the odor they get with their SP Cat. I had the same problem and finally found the solution. I put 300 cc of white vinegar (diluted 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar) into my cat once a week and the odor is gone.

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    i tried this with my a result my arms are covered with scratches and my cat is under my bed and growls at me whenever i get anywhere near it,,,maybe i should have used wine since the cat is well-known for drunken caterwauling....j/k, of course,,,,jeff

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    Might want to be careful with the vinegar. Dr. Young or the spinal cord nurse mentioned a while back that pseudomonus(sp) was actually aided by vinegar to grow. I used to clean everything with vinegar, but have since stopped using it completely. Amazing what those bugs can grow in. And even more amazing that a lot of the medical community still uses vinegar.

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    I've used vinegar/water solution for years and rarely get uti's. I suppose we are all different. Glad it helped Ken.

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    I have a problem with sp cath and leg bag smelling after a week of it been changed up until it gets changed again. Do you put vinagar inmto your bladder? SCI nurse any suggestions? I don't suffer from UTIs and don't want to start! (have I now jinxed myself do you think?!)

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    oh boy

    Do you put vinagar inmto your bladder?
    I'm not sure what Ken is "really" meaning when he says "Cat". What I am referring to is placing half water and half vinager into a bottle and rinsing this through my legbag after emptying the urine out of it when changing from leg bag to bed bag at night or vice versa in the morning. I would never put vinegar into my bladder! Do people DO this?

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    leg bag care

    Vinegar references in this post are addressing the cleansing of leg bags. CRF

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