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    airplane question

    Has anyone actually traveled long distance on an airplane that has an accessible lavatory onboard. I seem to keep reading that there are select airlines that have these accessible planes, but have yet to see one. I mean if you want to go on a long flight and don't wear a leg bag, where are you to cath. I know you can go in your seat covered up, I mean I make do in many worse places, but it's just kind of BS. What about if you have a bad bowel day. Just curious if anyone ever had an experience.

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    I used a bottle once while on a flight from toronto to calgary.better that than springing a leak. I learned to drink less before a flight and during.

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    I wouldn't recommend decreasing fluid intake. I used to do that because transferring to the bathroom was a hassle, but I paid dearly. People already become dehydrated while onflight, so to deny the body of much needed hydration could make you sick.

    On most long flights, the attendents are very accomodating. I've paid attention to when they plan on serving meals or water and try and plan my bathroom breaks in between these times. "Planned" is the key word though. For something like bowel, I imagine you can't really avoid an accident. I've never had a bowel issue while inflight, so I'm not sure how you would go about doing that.

    kr420, how good are you at transfers? That's really the only issue you will face when it comes to using the bathroom. It is a pretty tight space, but that also makes it easier to pull pants up, etc, by bracing yourself against the wall of the bathroom.

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    This link may be of some help. Click on "airlines".

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    Where do you want to fly from and to? Most Boeing 777's have a restroom that can take the aisle chair but the crew need to know how to make it accessible, most don't! the doors have to be moved. Singapore Airlines 747's have a rest room that is large enough and also on their new Airbus the wall on one of the restroom moves making it larger. Each aircraft and airline is different so it unfortunately pot luck!

    I fly a lot going to Asia or Europe around once a month, Singapore, Virgin and BA are good, United comes lower in my order. Also make sure they put your chair in the closet on the aircraft and not in the hold (if it's manual)

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    Thanks for the info. All of the flights that I have been on don't even keep an aisle chair on board. The majority were supplied at the airport and then they were taken off. I have yet to fly overseas or on any of those airlines mentioned. I definitely think it's an area to spend some time on improving. I have no problem transferring and I suppose if they were to keep the aisle chair on board I could make a transfer into the bathroom if necessary. With all of the technology one would think that the airlines could provide a better system if they want.

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    i threw a blanket over my lap and used my urinal, then whoever is w/ me puts it in a bag and goes and dumps it

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    Unless you are light and able to stand, don't depend on getting into or transferring to a toilet in the airplane "accessible" bathrooms. They are certainly not ADA standard, and the airline staff will not physically assist or lift you.

    For bladder, if you don't want to cath under a blanket (really an option only for men), then consider inserting an indwelling catheter before the flight and taking it out upon arrival. Be sure to take another kit for your return flight. Don't count on the flight being on time to do caths at airports or on connections. It is easy to get stuck on the runway or circling an airport for hours.

    For bowels, consider changing to a low fiber diet for a couple days, taking a laxative the day before, doing you regular bowel care the morning of the flight and then taking 1-2 Immodium. This works for us for 15 hour flights to South America, Australia and the Far East.


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    I am a flight attendant and I know that the airline I work for has an aisle chair onboard at all times. I have never used it inflight for a passenger because our bathrooms are so damn small that there is no real way to transfer, that I know of, onto the toilet in there. I have always seen the DP symbol on the door to the Lav, but I dont know what makes it is smaller than my car trunk....anyways, there is my 2 cents. Dont know if its helpful in any way, but I just wanted to share.


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