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    nyc marathon

    Suzy Allman for The New York Times

    Strategy Pays Off in Men's Wheelchair Race

    Published: November 8, 2004

    saul Mendoza said he did not want to make the same mistake in the New York City Marathon push-rim wheelchair race that he did last year, going out fast and hard at the start. After the first five miles in 2003, Mendoza was too tired to keep up with Krige Schabort, who went on to win. Mendoza finished third.

    Yesterday, Mendoza decided to hang with a five-man pack for most of the 26.2 miles, making his move on the incline in the final 20 meters in Central Park. By then, it was a three-man race with Schabort and Kelly Smith, but neither could beat Mendoza's sprint down the stretch.

    Mendoza, a Mexican who lives in Texas, won the men's race in 1 hour 33 minutes 16 seconds. Schabort, a South African who lives in Georgia, pulled ahead of Smith in the last 10 meters to finish second in 1:33:19. Smith, a Canadian, was third in 1:33:24.

    ny times

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    click photo for story and picsGeorge Friedman Jimenez commented: "This was a great experience for me and the other NYCC riders I talked to after the race. The sight of a 22 mph paceline of 5 push-rim racing wheelchairs 3 inches apart on NYC streets was particularly impressive. I believe we were much appreciated by the racers, and we definitely helped keep it safe in a few specific close-calls."

    man they were hammering!

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