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Thread: Changed my mind ---

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    Changed my mind ---

    I'm going to Buenos Aires, Argentina late December/early January for 5-6 months. I've always wanted to go and it seems more accessible than Russia right now. Though, I really would like to go to Russia, not this year. I have many friends from BA and they are all excited (but, they live HERE :-/ ) Hopefully, my girlfriend Jax will be there on business and we can spend time together.
    Any Argentine expieriences?? :-)

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    Fair accessibility in Buenos Aires, although not on transportation. Lots of shops with several steps up in the downtown area. We where there during their monetary crisis 3 years ago, and saw quite a few people in chairs begging on the street. Regardless, we did find people were willing to help lift the chair up stairs, etc. quite readily.

    If you can go to the Argentinan side of Iguassu Falls, the wheelchair access there is pretty good. Go if you is a trip of a lifetime. The narrow gauge train there is accessible, and so are many of the "trails" (raise walkways over the river and falls). Can't vouch for the hotel access, but it would be worth inquiring.

    Here is a resource for Argentina that was not there when I was there:


    And some other articles:

    Have fun!


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    How do you get attendant care for such long periods of time out of the US?

    Do you need assistance?

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    5-6 months?? Wow, that's a long time. Do you know anybody there, are you going to be studying there? What are you going to do for 6 months in a country you've never been to, just hang out? If you have the time, money, and ability to do that then you're luckier than I thought!

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    man, my finger slipped.
    Have a fun trip Andika!


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