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Thread: Question about SCI Flying

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    Question about SCI Flying

    Is there any way at all where an SCI patient can remail in his everyday wheelchair during a commercial flight? I'm more comfortable in it than any other chair by far and transferring is a big hastle for me. Plus, the airline seats aren't the best for your skin, even if sitting on a ROHO or seat cushion. Thanks.

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    In a word - no. Check out the travel forum for tips on flying.

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    There is no way they will let you ride in your own chair on any commercial flight. I am not sure about private charters, but assume you are not in that price league.

    The transfers are not fun, but they can be done with planning and the right equipment.


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    ain't gonna happen. you're gonna have to bite the bullet dude

    anyways, there's no room in the cabin to park your chair while you're in it anyways.

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    I agree with the rest here it won't happen unfortunately. Don't know what your needs are but like clipper said lots of good tips in here if you do a search. If you have specific concerns maybe we can help.

    If you can't manage the transfer the airlines will have 2 people to do a manual lift into and out of your wheelchair and into and out of the seat on the aircraft. Not always the best trained folks and its kind of inconsistent depending on what airport you are at. A lot of the airlines have "outsourced" this function and so you get low paid, low skilled individuals in a lot of cases. Unfortunately the airlines try to use this as an excuse in some cases.
    If you are worried about the transfer make certain you over communicate to the gate agents and to the people who are doing or assisting with the transfer. Good luck!

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