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    Wheelchair rugby -- also referred to as quad rugby -- is played indoors on a modified basketball court with a ball similar to a volleyball.

    Former U.S. coach Reggie Richner refers to the only contact sport in the Paralympics as a man-powered version of demolition derby. The game combines skills used in both basketball and rugby.

    Each team has four players with varying degrees of disability on the court at once. A game consists of eight-minute quarters.

    Each player can hold or carry the ball for a maximum of 10 seconds before passing or rolling it to a teammate. To score a point, a player with the ball must cross the opponents' end line. Wichitan Wayne Romero, a member of the 2004 U.S.

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    This is just a bad ass wheelchair sport. I played a little bit when I was in Denver at Craig. There aren't any teams in my area good. Hopefully one day there will be.

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    I've been playing rugby for a few months now and agree that it is an awsome sport. It's good excercise and it's a good way to meet other quads.

    JDR, maybe you could start a team in your area?

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