Gaylord uses sports to target disability
By Bill Yelenak, Record-Journal staff

Jeff Lavoie of Bristol takes a shot with a bow and arrow at the target during the Sports Association of Gaylord Hospital physical disabilities archery program. (Mike Ross / Record-Journal)
WALLINGFORD - A car accident robbed 29-year-old Meriden resident David Kimball of the ability to walk unassisted when he was only 14 years old, but the crash and resulting brain injury haven't taken away Kimball's ability to participate in athletics and have fun.

Kimball was one of about 10 physically disabled people who participated in an archery clinic Tuesday at Gaylord Hospital. Sports clinics, sponsored by the hospital's Sports Association, are held through the year and give people like Kimball a chance to get outdoors and find new hobbies.

"I started coming for all the adaptive sports programs," Kimball said. "I do skiing and all types of adaptive sports therapy."

Skiing and archery are only two the programs the Sports Association sponsors. Other clinics include tennis, golf and kayaking. The association also sponsors discovery nights, which feature experts in different sports.