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Thread: Russia (!!!!)

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    Andrea, sorry about your UTI, etc. Dreaming of other places makes me feel better too. Maybe that's why I became a writer. There are lots of language sets, even free lessons on the internet that my daughter and I have looked into, but, she's 15 ... what can I say? Loses interest in learning Russian REAL fast. Boys are a MAJOR distraction these days.

    Every now and then I'll "fuss" at the kids in Russian, and they think it's funny. It's a way of keeping a little bit of the language alive for them. They actually learned English very quickly. Ruslan, who was 4 at the time, was talking in his sleep in English 3 months after we adopted him! I've kept the tapes, workbook, lots of books/DVDs about the czars, especially the Romanovs, historical novels about Russia, biographies about Stalin and Rasputin, artwork, china (entire blue & white coffee service), religious carvings ... everything I could manage to haul back from Russia or purchase here. We attend every exhibit that comes within our area. I sense my love and enthusiasm for the history of Russia fuels their interest as well--maybe it will really ignite in the future. Right now they just want to fit in as normal American kids.

    Unfortunately, their father and I are divorced now. He's a quad who had become very ill when I initially joined CareCure two years ago. Today he's healthy, successfully self employed, and fiercely independent, living alone in his own apartment (about to buy a house)--and that's pretty good for a complete C7. In spite of our problems, we get along pretty well, both wanting what's best for the children. BTW, he (and probably a lot of other people around here) would question your assessment that I am "very sweet"! LOL. I just try to get along as best I can, but my temper rears its vile head all too often.

    Eastern Europe. Do you get that ache and longing in your heart and gut when you think about the Baltic region? I do. Makes me want to cry. Maybe I'm destined to return there one day, but not any time soon. My job now is to be a mom, pay my bills, and keep my home in functioning order. The children and I often talk about returning to Russia, to Novgorod where they were born. Novgorod I believe is the oldest settlement in western Russia. It's got a Kremlin as well, just not as fancy and big as the one in Moscow at Red Square.

    I've never visited Slovenia, but one of my favorite and most memorable experiences was visiting an ancient Catholic church in Tallinn. It was built in the 12th century, and it was huge! The stone work was magnificent! I'd love to see that again.

    I don't know about you, but I remember returning to Atlanta (where we were living at the time) after almost 3 weeks in Eastern Europe and Russia. Talk about culture shock! I was literally repulsed by the frivilous, decadent lifestyle we led. It wasn't really--not by American standards anyway--but I kept looking around our 2/BR 2/bath apartment w/12 foot ceilings and all the amenities thinking, "We don't need all this! What a waste of money!!" I managed to get over that in time , but I've never forgotten it. I no longer forget to count my blessings.

    As you're well aware now, wheelchair accessibility is virtually non-existent. I hate to even imagine what the lack of medical awareness and care would be like. Scott and I briefly discussed moving to Russia after my first trip there, but the more we investigated, the more discouraged we became. However ... much has changed since 1992! So don't give up your dream. Follow your heart.

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    надеюÑ?ÑŒ Ñ‚Ñ‹ в порÑ?дке?

    I'm from Ukraine what many people think is Russia, but it was part of Soviet Union-Which still everybody Still call russia

    Anyway I maybe of some help

    I was borne in Kiev-mother of Russian cities

    I could be reached ether in private topics-not sure it monitored here
    Yahoo -

    You need to love Russia-to hate it!

    Bet you intrigued to know what Russian/Slavic soul is?

    I met lots of western people who tried to figure it out applying western logic

    I don't think I'm going to stay with this forums as contributor anymore-I still will be lurker.....

    Because I respect my freedom as anybody else respect his/her/it! ......

    In the Great tradition of Russian Anarhism

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