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Thread: Horseback Riding

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    Horseback Riding

    My uncle has adapted a saddle for me and I will be getting on my dad's horse this weekend. I am also going to be going to Parkcity, Ut to participate in a program to go horseback riding. My question is how helpful is horseback riding. And is there anything particular I need to do or watch out for while riding?

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    That is great!! My daughter, Heather did theraputic riding for over a year to get her confidence back while on a horse. She is now able to ride by herself. We always make sure someone does still walk with her just to be on the safe side. I know there are many benefits to riding. The gait of a horse is compared to a person walking so many muscles get exercised. Also just the confidence it can give you. Heather always said that she feels free on a horse.

    I am interested in finding an adapted saddle for Heather.

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    Moving this over to Sports & Travel.


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    Niese,,,great opportunity for you, hope the best. what level are you?

    Laura,,,sooo great for your lil daughter to be able to ride.

    Pre-sci,,, I rode horses every chance i had, loved it, they're amazing animals. Post sci,,,well,,,I just watch the horses or others ride.

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