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    I have a c7 and c8 complet spinal cord injurie. I'm 21 years old.

    I have a van now but I want to get a truck instead. I saw trucks with a arm that swings the wheelchair in the box for the truck. The driver does that by himself. But I never seen something that covers the wheelchair during winter.

    Does anyone here have pictures of trucks with the arm that swings and something that can cover the wheelchair when it's in the box?

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    Nice truck!

    Any info on the cost of it?

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    Give me a few months and i'll show you guys a lift i'm building for my truck and hope to sale! It's going to be the easiest and cheapest way of getting in and out of truck or SUV. All you guys who had lifted up truck before you wreck get ready to drive them again!


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    At the time I had it done, I was going back to work for the state of PA so OVR was happy to pay $14,000 for the work. I am T10 but have a bad shoulder from placing too much concrete over the years.

    T-10 complete

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