I'm off to Paris Sunday night to see my boyfriend. I'll be flying with my powerchair, so I'm hopeful that the busses are ok (he tells me they're good, or better than Berlin's system which he was horrified with.) The hôtel looks beautiful (www.cnaparis.com) and he tells me it's near Champs-Elysee and in Paris Centre. He has our Lourve tickets already, which I am tremendously looking forward to, but was wondering if there are any other good "must see/do" type things he, as a native, might overlook.
Everyone says Paris is the ****tiest city in the country, but I couldn't make it to his house (which is in Southern France bordering Spain ... beautiful) this trip. I would have much preferred, but I'll wait till September.

Sooo, back on topic - what are the things to do in Paris? How is accessibility?