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    how are we able to get in and out of a car without getting drenched with rain. it takes me approx. 3 minutes either way, and yesterday i, my chair and some of my interior got soaked with rain. what have you found that has helped or do we just have to live with getting soaked everytime it rains? help is greatly appreciated

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    Unfortunately not much you can do when its pouring, unless your somewhere that has covered parking or your with someone that can hold an umbrella for you while your getting out.
    I can get myself and my chair in or out of my car in a minute when rushing, but thats all it takes to get completely soaked when it's really coming down. When possible I'll try to wait around till it lets up a lil when pouring, fortunately in my area hard rain usually lets up if you wait a bit. Sucks when it doesn't.
    If your concerned about your cars interior, they make seat covers made out of like wetsuit material that will keep your seats from getting any kind of water damage.
    Oh, also if the wind is blowing try to park your car so it's blowing towards the passenger door. Otherwise it blows the rain inside your car thru the drivers door while your getting in/out.

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    Aside from getting in and out of a car in the rain, what do most of you wear if you have spend any time pushing in the rain? The forearm sleeves of any jacket I wear get filthy, I can't be bothered with the hard sides - so part of my legs get filthy as well. I've yet to find an *affordable* cape made for wheelers. Those made for bicyclists - have foot loops on the back! Your solution?

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    they have got to make some huge ponchos that have no slits in them. thats a good question!!!! i havent had to go very far in the rain yet. i have just had to get in and out of my car in it a few times so far. Im going to college this fall and ill be damned if i have to miss going to a football game because its raining outside, so i will be looking into that also.

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    Do you happen to know much about the seat covers that are like wet suits? I too have problems getting soaked when it rains. Takes me about 3-4 min to get in or out. And when my chair is wet from the rain, it adds time because it is all slick and hard to grip to throw around. Me getting wet is one problem. But, I dry easily. But, I have to shampoo my seats to keep them from molding and what not. It's a bitch to do this everytime after a rainy day. I was thinking of scotch garding my wheelchair cushion and driver seat. But, not sure if that is the best thing to do.

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    i have also been tryin to figure out the best cushion cover to put on over the normal cover when raining out, and right now i have been using a 13 gallon trash bag when its raining or when i go swim. it works pretty well, but it can tear sometimes and leak to the cushion because its not very thick, and i only use it once. i went the other day and bought a waterproof pillow cushion at walmart and it worked alright but not as good as the trash bag did. so im still trying to come up with a better solution. if anyone has a great way, please share. thanks

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    Amanda- here are the wetsuit material car seat covers I was referring to I don't own any so not sure how well they protect from water, but I'd imagine they'd do a pretty good job.

    As far as cushion covers, I just use a 2" quickie foam cushion, the cover on it is pretty water proof. I use to use a roho and you obviously don't have to worry about those getting damaged by water. Not sure about any other cushions.

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