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Thread: Daytona accident still difficult

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    Daytona accident still difficult

    Daytona accident still difficult
    for driver familiar with obstacles

    Veteran track worker was struck, killed


    The Charlotte Observer

    Ray Paprota has said the words many times.
    "If you work hard enough, and something is important enough to you, then you can overcome almost anything that gets thrown in your face," he says.

    Paprota lives that philosophy, having become the first paraplegic to drive in a national stock-car touring series. But on Feb. 8, his car struck and killed a track worker on the apron during a race at Daytona International Speedway, and that has been almost too much for him to overcome.

    On Friday, speaking to the Observer in his first extensive interview since February, Paprota could barely summon words when asked about the horrible incident.

    Paprota will drive a blue No. 01 Pontiac named Pioneer Saturday afternoon in the IPOWER Dash Series race at Lowe's Motor Speedway.

    "Pioneer" is a word that fits Paprota, 41, who lost the use of his legs when he suffered a spinal cord injury in a car crash 20 years ago in his native New Jersey. He played wheelchair basketball, but injured his shoulder while training for the Paralympic Games in 1993.

    While recovering, he started helping some buddies work on Legends cars. The more he worked, the more he felt like he'd like to try his hands at driving. Literally.

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    Thanks for posting that...I'm glad to finally see an update. How sad that it almost made him want to give up racing...all because of people's misconceptions about what really happened.

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