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Thread: Horses anyone??

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    Horses anyone??

    Just thougt I'd let you all in, on how the summer can be in PA, itsgetting there quickly and everyone's outside doing stuff. Last week we went to a horse auction, to see of course horses. It was fun! We were accessible in the chair, some mud and land mines mind you, and we even saw one other woman wheeling around manually!
    ANyways, the point of all this is, just because he can't do that like everyone else that day, (ride), I was thinking why not?
    Anyone have any info on riding for para's? Maybe even saddle info? I posted on hunting way back last fall and got some great reeponses and that outdoor activity works just as well now.
    let me know ?

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    There is a form of physical therapy called hippotherapy; it means riding horses. It's definitely do-able for a para, they have trained horses that stand next to a ramp for mounting. I don't know how the saddles are modified but they are somehow. I'm dying to try it too. Just don't throw him on a random horse, that could get ugly quick. Let me know how it goes.

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    You have to come with me to the rehab and you can ride instead of me. I have done it before and I am afraid. The horses are so big

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    Hey, Karaclay - I've worked with hippotherapy for people with varying levels of function. You might want to take a look at this link for the national association. One important point, as Betheny said, a horse needs to be specially trained for this. Also important to know is that adaptive equipment should NOT strap anyone into a saddle. That's more dangerous. Most programs use "sidewalkers" to support legs and torso if needed. Anyway, here you go. Good luck. It's just awesome.

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    Thanks to everyone, I guess I'll make some calls tomorrow. I will post again when it happens fer sure!

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    Hippotherapy is great....My husband rides at a NARHA center.
    The website should list locations of centers, and maybe you can find one in your area.
    My husband's level of injury is C7. We have a horse that we raised before he was injured, that was specially trained for him to ride and we haul her to the center when the weather is nice (the arena is outdoors).
    It's very good therapy and I don't know if it's balance or what but he has improved alot!
    I know of 2 paras here in Texas that designed special high-backed saddles that have velcro seatbelts. If you like I could send you there contact info, though you may find one in your area also. We still haven't looked at these, but hope to soon.
    Right now, my husband is using a regular western saddle with a couple of handles that they put on for him and he rides with a fleece. He is able to stop and do a pressure relief, leaning forward and putting weight in the stirrups to lift his body off the saddle. I have been amazed at the things that they have shown him he can do. It's not the same as before, but he really enjoys it and it really is good for him. I'll try to put a photo here.
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    I know this is an old thread, but I just started Hippotherapy under the reccomendation of my PT for some tight hips and I love it (although Occupational Therapy still takes the cake for favorite therapy) The first time I went, the whole session was spent simply trying to get me to put my hands of the reigns and onto my legs and hold m arms out for a few seconds. Because of my CP I have problems with balance and trunk control so this was no small feat. This week, my hand automatically went to my legs (my therapist told me to put one hand on my leg, I put both I was also able to hold my arms out around the whole arena with no trouble. My OT was shocked when I told him what she had me doing for balance and he was even more shocked when I told hin I was able to do it and that she thought over time I'd be able to transfer myself onto the horse and ride with no assistance. For anyone considering Hippotherapy, DO IT! It does amazing things emotionally and physically.

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    Thats great!
    I did hippotherapy for a while when I was a kid, it really made wonders for my balance and posture. And its fun as well, something that can not be said about all therapies.

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    Titan and I

    I have been up on my old mount several times since my injury. We've worked out the mount, and I'm becoming quite confident in the saddle.
    The dismounts have been the problem. Ended upon the ground underneath him the last outing. But, today worked out a dismount that is easy. Plase my right leg over the front of the saddle so I'm sitting side saddle, then twist as I slide off. Hang on the side of Titan as the chair is slide under me, and I'm back home.
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    Looks like great fun. I never rode beyond our pony, Scout. Maybe you can team up with Jody. She recently got back in the saddle.

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