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Thread: Beach vacations

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    Beach vacations

    Anyone been to any beaches that they really enjoyed? We're thinking about Myrtle Beach, SC for our vacation this summer. Anyone have any thoughts on beach vacations?

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    I like Cherry Grove Beach, which is just north of North Myrtle Beach. The beach is sooo much less crowded, which makes it more leisurely, I think. And there's some really nice places to stay, too. It's more of a "small town" type feel than the vacation mecca metropolis.

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    If you want to stick with SC, I'd highly recommend one of the barrier islands like Isle of Palms or Sullivans Island, just outside of Charleston. Mostly beach houses, no high rise condos, family oriented, little human congestion. Plus you have Charleston, Fort Sumter, and the surrounding area to explore.

    The last time my ex and I vacationed on the Isle of Palms, we stayed at the Wild Dunes resort. Accessibility was not an issue.

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    Best beach for Wheelchairs is Ft. Myers.. It is so hard I can cruize with my family up and down the beach.. Also get on the ground and play with my little girl.

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