Their lives go on

Strike on its way... Mindy Idaspe uses the IKAN Bowler to release the ball after wheeling up to the foul line during the Spinal Cord Group of Collier County Bowlathon, Mar. 20.
By Donn Brown
When 40-year-old Mindy Idaspe learned she would never walk again due to a spinal cord injury in 2002, she was heartbroken. A nurse and mother, she had always focused on caring for others - how could she learn to be dependent on other people?

The answer came through the Spinal Cord Group of Collier County, a support group Idaspe formed with two other disabled friends. What they found is that together, they can not only live normal lives, but find new ways to enjoy the things they thought they left behind.

On Mar. 20, the group held a Bowlathon at Strikes & Spares to raise money for the organization. Besides bowling, attendees also had the opportunity to meet former New York Yankees pitcher Bob Turley, who autographed photos.