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Thread: Manual Chair Angles

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    Manual Chair Angles

    I'm looking to buy a new chair (Ti ZRA) soon and was curious if anyone had pics of the angle of the front of their chairs? I've been using an Invacare A4 now since Feb 2000 and when I ordered it I asked for an 85 degree front. Well last week when trying out a new chair the rep told me I had a 75 degree front. I think its still an 85.

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    my chair

    friend's chair with 105 degree

    friend's with he said 80 or 85. this is the angle i'm going for but he wasn't sure.

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    I'll get pics of the two sizes and try posting them... IT looks to be maybe 80 but pics can be decieving.

    Jeff Sirko
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    I looked at the A4 order form and didn't see an angle option, which is rare. I'll call invacare dealer support tommorow and ask them about frame angles. If you have the serial number of the chair they can tell you the angle.

    Jeff Sirko
    Live Well Medical Supplies

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    It depends on how you measure the angle. You may have an 85° front when measured from the frame to the ground, but the rep may have measured the angle from the horizontal frame to the vertical frame.

    TiLite's order form shows the front angle is measured from the frame to the ground. I just got a TiLite ZR with a 90° front. The only difference between the ZR and the ZRa is the ZRa has adjustable dump.

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    your friends chair looks to be 90.,i always run 90 on my eclipses, and it looks just like that

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    thanks guys for the info.

    jeff i had the paint stripped from my chair a few years ago and polished the frame so i no longer have the serial number. just my luck i guess.

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    i found out my a4 has an 80 degree bend. now the only thing i've got left to decide is the width. my chair now is a 17 with cloth side guards which really don't do much. i have 2 inch spacing in my tires since i push off the tire going uphills. the wc rep recommended an 18 width but the problem there is the chair will be to wide with 2 inch spacing for me to fit through doors in my house and other places. i'm thinking i can go with a 17 with plastic side guards. any opinions?

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    whats funny is the chair i tried out was a 16x16. the two wc reps said the width was good at first, then 10 minutes later recommended the 18.

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    johnb, or 490, aren't you the guy with the home-made EZ Lock component on your A-4? How can you get something like that onto a TiLite ZRA frame?

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