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Thread: Handcycling Federation ???

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    Handcycling Federation ???

    Hello everyone,
    I know that there's an US Handcyling Federation

    Does someone know whether there's an European and World Handcycling fedearion?
    Can you give me any contacts if yes.

    Thanks alot in advance,


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    Hi Vladko,

    this website has some information about handcycling in Europe:

    This site has information in French and in English - it has a lot of information about the European race calander and some links to other sites.

    The Handcycling association of the UK has a website under construction but it is not done yet. This is an organisation that publicises information about handcycling for competition and for non-competitive recreation within the UK - I guess there are equivalents in other parts of Europe but do not know their details

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    Adrian thank you very much for the information.
    It's a very usefull link and through it I found the web site of the International cycling union.

    Best wishes and take care,


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