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Thread: Sports. Travel. Not Sports & Travel?

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    Sports. Travel. Not Sports & Travel?

    Is there any support for the idea of separating the two topics of Sports and Travel? They don't relate at all if you view the variety of threads, and it would be more enjoyable to read if the topics weren't mingling together. Just my $.02.
    And while I'm at it - how about a topic devoted to Hobbies?

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    There's already too many forums, more are definitely not needed.
    This forum barely gets and action anyways. I could see politics getting it's own because it was clogging up the life forum. And i think another had to be created because some people were clogging up all the forums posting articles. But a lot of recent topics did not deserve their own forum. Computers, exercise, food, family all could easily have stayed grouped with other topics without clogging up the forum. It's made it way too difficult to see everything without wasting too much time and some good topic probably get overlooked because the useless forum they're in don't get enough traffic.

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    We have discussed (amoung the moderators) changing the title to "Leisure and Recreation". This would include travel, hobbies, sports, etc. etc. What do you think?

    We are trying to avoid adding more and more specialized forums as they get little action and make it more confusing to new members in learning to navigate the site. This forum gets relatively little use already.


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