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Thread: Paragliding

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    Has anyone done any Paragliding?

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    nope, but always wanted to give powered parachuting a try... looks fun as can be.

    here's a guy w/ sci (I think) that does it:

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    cool stuff! thee is such a cool feeling about catching a thermal are you able to cut the engine and get to enjoy the quiet?

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    pacer - I went paragliding with my brother while down in the Keys a few years ago. The Key Largo operation offered 300' or 600' for different prices. The boat at Isla Morada offered 1000' for a little more, which was I think $75 each. Naturally we took the 1000'. It was totally intense. From that high up the boat you're tethered to looks like a speck. It's really scary but so cool that it's a must-do, IMO.

    My only mistake was sitting too far forward in the harness thing-a-ma-jig. I started getting it up my crotch. Then, 75% of the way through the ride, the guy reels you in a little and slows the boat so you drift down to sea level so he can dunk you. When he did this, and dragged us through the water a little ways, I came completely forward and was then vertical in the harness instead of sitting. So that my testicles were very uncomfortable, to say the least. Yup, kinda tarnished the experience a little. I'll do it better next time.

    I have some pics somewhere. If I can find 'em I'll post one.

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    I have done both para-sailing and para-gliding. However, I have only been paraglding post-accident. It was fun. What would you like to know?

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    My son went paragliding in Newport, RI a few years ago with some of the people at Shake-A-Leg. He said it was great.
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