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Thread: Bowel routine

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    Bowel routine

    Whats the best way to try & "control" bowel movements? Before my surgery I had hard movements usually only in the AM when I took a shower. Now I have semi-solid movements sparatically. Thoughts?

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    Iku, there have been many, many posts on bowel programs/routines here. I woiuld do a search, and you will find a lot of information. Good luck.

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    Bowel control

    It can take 4-6 weeks to get back on a good bowel program after any surgery involving the bowels. If you have ruled out a c. difficile infection with your physician, then you can take measures to "firm up" your stool. I find that Fibercon (calcium polycarbophil) frequently works well for this, combined with increasing dietary intake of foods that traditionally tend to cause you constipation (yellow cheese is a common culprit, along with dried banana chips). Continue to do your daily bowel program, even if you have accidents.


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