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Thread: How does one Travel???

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    How does one Travel???

    I'm 9 mos out of my SCI and looking forward to getting away. BUT as a T4/5 who went from using a raised toilet seat(to allow clearance for a dil stick)as well as a shower bench to one does-it-all shower chair, I can't imagine how I will be able to travel without equipment. I can do an IC from my chair...but a bp in a hotel?? How do you savvy SCI people handle overnights much less a week away from home?

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    hey fotogrl, nothing to do with your post, but get that bitter brunette tush over to the cure forum and help us out.

    "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you."
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    Some members recommended the Nuprodx mulichair
    We got one and really like it.
    As far as accessible hotel rooms go, if you join triple A they'll mail you free tour books for all states. They pretty much list all hotels and have a symbol for everything, including a roll-in shower. These two things have made traveling better for us!

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    Hey there...I am T4 and have traveled quite a bit. Dont let anyone fool you into thinking that you need all that equiptment! The less you need, the easier it is to go anywhere. Practically every accessible hotel provides a suitable bathroom, including a shower chair or bench.

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    My husband's level of injury is C7...There's no way he could use the so called "shower chair" in a so called "accessible" hotel room. Traveling isn't easy for us.

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    My mother is quadriplegic from MS, and also feels unsafe on most flip down shower seats in hotels or cruise ships. We may get Nuprodx chair in the future, but right now we often take the option of "stealing" a pool-side plastic chair from the hotel or cruise ship pool area and using that as a shower chair. Most have armrests, and we use a travel lift for the transfer (instead of slide board) so it works for us. You do need to be creative if you want to travel.


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    Hi Photogrl, I am a c4-c5 quad agnd I travel a lot. I have to use a lift and I found that most places I have visited I could rent the equipment I needed and if I fly the airlines let me take my lift at no charge. I hope this helps

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    Make you wheelchair into a showerchair.. This works great.
    1. Partly fold your wheelchair.
    2. Put a garbage bag over the back of the chair. Slide it down from the top.
    3. Do step 2 for the wheelchair seat.
    4. Unfold the chair.
    5. Optional - Put a cheap water tight cushion on the seat.
    6. Get in and SHOWER!

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