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Thread: Head rest for manual chair

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    Head rest for manual chair

    Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a removable head rest for a titanium chair? I have recently switched from my electric chair but would like to travel in my van with some sort neck support.

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    Hi Chaz, You will need to remove the back upholstery that came witht he chair, (if you have not already) and purchase an after market backrest with a solid shell. You will be able to mount your headrest bracket to this, Some options might be Otto Bock or Body Point. Both of which make nice componets.

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    Thank you for the info, I have spent some time searching through almost every wheelchair manufacturer and could not find any sort of detachable quick release system. I'm thinking of Jerry-riggin some old bike parts together. I would like to keep the adjustable backrest for comfort and only put the head rest on for safety in the van. I have a crossbar mid back, but I'm not sure that would give enough support I'll check out the the components you suggested. Thanks again

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    I am curious? Do a lot of people in manual chairs drive or ride in their vans with no headrest? Is that safe?


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    Chaz19 - did you ever get your head rest fixed?

    I recently had my rods replaced and they had to lengthen to the point that I can not longer drive my S10, so I have switched to a van. I experimented with the six way seat but the transferring is for the birds--so I've gone to the EZlock system and a manual chair.

    It has been a mess.

    1. There is no head rest--so I to am trying to come up with something.

    2. Width of chair puts me off center of the steering wheel. I have just tonight taken the chamber to zero and moved the wheels in .5" on each side. I gained about 1" on each side. I am thinking about narrowing my seat pan to 16" thereby gaining another 1" on each side.

    3. My next problem is height. I have a Invacare MVP and have raised the axle brackets 1" so that will drop me 1". It also gives me a 1" dump which I am not use to. The other thing is it made the wheels 1" higher.

    Where do you find pictures that show optimum seating positions in manual chairs??? I mean pictures of real people not drawings???


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    bspill, I've been driving for about 3.5yrs without back/headrest from my manual chair using chair brakes and seatbelt. Incidentally, I'm C6-7.

    Knock on wood - so far no problems.

    It's really a matter of how comfortable and confident you are. And for me the speed/access in and out which is roughly 30 seconds.

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