Ok, I've got some short term business trips (3-5 day) and this is actually first time on extendeded stays where there might not be equipment handy. What do other paras do when on the road particularly for bowel care? I can't or don't like using suppositories and mini-enemas cuz they work TOO well and cause more problems. So I'm just a dig-stimmer. Problem being, how do you sit on a toilet with no balance and work ur finger around in there without makin a complete mess of things? Any advice, personal notes/experiences, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I've already made sure they've called ahead to assure accesibility and things, but not sure on the whole bathroom routine. Ok, I'm really jumping all over the place, obviously I'd like some advice. Thanks in advance.

No, taking my over-toilet commode and shower chair isn't an option. And I know I won't be able to train myself in time to not go for 3-4 days, which isn't healthy anyways for an every other day dumper right? ackkk..

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