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    New Van

    Hi, I'm in the market for a new van, and need a full size van with a dropped floor. Because i am so tall.(6'8'' before my accident) I was wondering if there is anyone out there that had a good experience with a manufacturer. If so please let me know.

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    Do you have to buy a new van? There is a real steep depreciation in modified vans the first year, and you can find some pretty good deals at low milage if you look. Check out both E-bay Motors and

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    I'm the same height as you. I am to tall to use a side lift on vans. I have to tilt back to get through the door, then once in i couldn't turn to face forward. I now have a rear entry minivan with a drop floor and it squats in the back for easy access. I still have to duck through the rear doorway but once in its great. Especially with an ezlock wheelchair restraint. another bennifit is you can park it anywhere and still get i it without worrying if someone parks next to you. look at vision and freedom made vans.

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    It is much cheaper to buy the van from your auto dealer and then have the adaptive equipment added to the vehichle.Check with your state vocational rehabilitation office regarding the modifications.They can provide you with cetified modification dealers in your area.

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