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Thread: Question's about wheelchair basketball

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    Question's about wheelchair basketball

    I live in Michigan and I'm trying to find a place where I can play some basketball.
    If anyone plays here in MI could you let me know where you play at?
    Also which brand of chair is decent for playing without paying to much?
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    check out its run by a guy who is on CareCure.

    Good luck.


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    There is a company in Florida, I believe named Made by Design that puts out a good chair and usually at a good price. I don't know if I have the right to post his telephone number, so I will wait for approval from a moderator.

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    Hey Johne623 I play basketball for the Rollin Razorbacks and I play in a Quickie All Court. The chair is a real good chair, there is a few on our team that do play in the Made By Design chairs they are a little lighter. Good luck Billy37

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    Does Made by Design still exist? I am no expert by any means but i thought i heard someone say they were bought out.

    I use a Quickie All Court and like it very much(but have never had any other ball chairs so its hard to compair)

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    They are still in business. Recently, I believe they moved so it might have been hard to contact them.

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