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Thread: Off-Road Car for Para's and Quad's

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    Does your's have Reverse? How did you find your used one? Do you ever see them on E-bay?

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    Yes it does have reverse. It has foward, nuetral and reverse. You are able to start the car in forward without it taking off on you. Or of course you can start it in nuetral than put it in foward. Every now and then you can find them on e-bay, you just have to check periodically. I also visit honda pilot and odyssee message boards they talk about drakart's as well, which is what my car is. Here are some links:

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    Anybody that wants more info. let me know

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    slightly OT, check out this new movie:

    There will be plenty of time to rest when I'm dead and gone, until then, 150% straight ahead....

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    Hey Jim,

    Ya, I saw that trailer for that movie a couple days ago. The movie looks great, I'm definently going to check it out when it's released.

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    I ended up with a VW based sand rail recently and will be converting it it be "PARA" friendly soon.My biggest concern is trying to run a clutch along with shifting ,braking, using the gas and steering but as soon as I figure it all out I will post some pics.

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    Hi just got a four wheeler two monmths ago.I have a Polaris 330 trail boss,i'm t12 complete .It's more fun than you can shake a stick at , does anyone here ride atv's

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    Dan says "That's freakin' bad ass"!
    Great ideas, thanks for posting.
    Cathy and Dan

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    What about messin up your ass or your back? I used to have those toys and gotta say it was a little rough on my ass and back and i had a good back with

    c6 inc

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